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Hello. Long time reader, first time blogger here. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve blogged recipes in the past and currently blog adorable pictures of my seven-month-old son. I’ve only shared these blogs with family and friends, however. Why? Because, really, does the entire world want to see my kid?  Well, the answer is clearly yes because he is the cutest baby ever. But do I want the entire world to see my kid?

Therein lies my first problem with blogging. I’m a private person. I don’t like sharing my feelings and emotions. I like to deal with them in the comfort of my own head or, occasionally, in the comfort of friend’s living room with some wine. I don’t like airing my business. People who talk about everything that is going on with them in public (and on Facebook) really annoy me. It’s just rude. I’m sorry you live under a cloud, but I really don’t care to hear about it constantly. Also, if I talk about what’s going on in my life, people will know about it. And, more importantly, I might offend someone <gasp>!

In addition to my privacy concerns, I’ve also worried that I don’t have anything original to say. I love food but there are tons of amazing food blogs already out there. I love fashion but am certainly not on the cutting edge of it and don’t feel like I have anything remarkable to say aside from “oooohhh.  Love that!”  What I have that’s original are my thoughts about my life.  Is anyone even interested in reading those?

My final hurdle has been my style. I’m an essay writer. I always have been. I write between 800-1000 word pieces. Aren’t blogs supposed to be short, witty and informative? I’d like to think my essays are witty and informative (though not always at the same time) but short?  No. Definitely not. Are blogs conducive to essay writing? I’m not sure.  But, you know what?  I’m going to try.

So here goes.  My essays about my life out in public on a blog. <gulp>.